Topic 3: Building a professional digital profile

Getting Linked-In

As looking for my placement for next year, I started to look for advertised vacancies early on, at the beggining of this academic year, which also included building up a professional LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn, a business oriented social networking platform, has developed itself to that exclusive position, where, if talking about social media in business environment, LinkedIn is the first thought coming to our minds. 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn on the first place to look for candidates (Anon, 2016).

Personally, I think this is the best tool to use for a professional and authentic online presence nowadays. I think my profile looks pretty good by today, I am quite proud of it, which I can mainly thank to the small ‘all-star’ feedback sign on the right side of my profile from LinkedIn.


My LinkedIn Profile

Online profile in the employment process

In today’s digital world with all the portable devices that ensure complete and free access anytime, anywhere to the latest offers, there is a huge competition we have to face, when for example, looking for a job. Therefore, we need to make sure we stand out with building up our personal brand, and market it carefully. LinkedIn gives an authentic way to do so, with offering wide range of social tools to settle down in the online business environment.

Important tips for an outstanding profile

  • the first, short “summary” section is your best chance to catch recruiters’ attention, so give a quick glance of yourself both personally and professionally with it
  • list every education and work experience you gained with highlighting few important happenings you have been part of/achieved
  • join groups, mark your interests, show yourself as an active member who uses all the opportunities cleverly
  • always be short and focused, too few or too much information is never good
  • have an appropriate, slightly professional profile picture and use your real identity for authenticity (van Dijck, 2013)


Authenticity online?

In professional life, authenticity is a basic requirement, as you need to promote the real yourself if you want to achieve success outside the digital platforms. However to reach this, consistency is key. You always have to be true to your persona and make sure your digital footprint is in line with yourself (Hutchinson, 2014).

I truly advise everyone to do so, otherwise you will have to face with some terrible consequences like Justine Sacco‘s innocent twitter post caused.

15 examples of social media causing people got fired:


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Media: slideshare, LinkedIn, Youtube


3 thoughts on “Topic 3: Building a professional digital profile

  1. Hi Theo,

    This blog post has really pinpointed “how to build a professional digital profile” through a step-by-step guide meanwhile incorporating your own experiences! I particularly found it engaging as you gave your own insight into this topic because of your placement year rather than just referring to sources online. Has your profile been successful in securing yourself a placement? Or have you made any further adjustments to ensure it fits the criteria of a professional profile after your research?

    I would also like to highlight how well-structured this blog is, particularly through the use of sub-headings and bullet points. However, in your tips for an outstanding profile, have you thought about benefits of using a profile picture? My advice would be to include one and ensure the same one is used for all of your online profiles. Other than this, a really well-written and insightful blog. I look forward to reading your future posts!


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